Lady of the lake

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Well how pleased am I to have found this website so close to home. I have a fishing lake in Braintree and I am getting a few too many reports of ghostly happenings. First of all I see an elderly gentleman wearing a long black coat appear from the hedgerow he walked halfway round the lake looked in the water then went back in the hedgerow 3 other people have seen him, a couple of weeks ago I had a report from a guy that he see a woman waving from my caravan then she glided across the lake, then last weekend I had 7 in fishing one guy was sitting fishing about 2 am in the morning when a lady beside him said hello he turned to look and nothing then around 20 minutes later all 7 heard a lady scream, he said at first that he thought I had come down to the lake (not bloody likley lol) thats without all the other reports I have had like people have said to me that when they fish there they never do feel alone, I do like the paranormal but not even I can stay down there after dark, the place is smack bang in the middle of no where I do know that during the napolonic war there were prisoners from france down there trying to drain the place? what's going on, I don't tell fishermen about all this as I don't want to scare them off. Any suggestions how to ged rid would be a great help.

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