Re: New Haunted Essex website - Share your ghost stories!

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> Hi,
> have just launched a new site and forum:
> A website dedicated to documenting all hauntings and haunted
> locations in the Essex area.
> If you have any information on haunted locations in the Essex area
> please let us know on the forum!
> Would be very interested i hearing your experiences or seeing any
> evidence you may have or if you are planning an exvent/investigation
> please post it on the forum!
> Best stories will make it to the main website, which is currently
> under construction
> thanks! :)
> paul
> GofE
My mum lives in Bellamy House in New Road and has seen a man twice in her flat She said the first time was at lunchtime on a Sunday and he was so real she thought someone had got into her flat He was wearing black and had a large black hat on The second time it was just a black blob (the following Sunday) On speaking to a fellow resident it emerges that he has seen two ladies in period costume in his flat The block of flats are built on the site of an old mill
Have you had any other sightings in this area

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